Are you ready to share your moments to the world?
If you are, come and join our community on Manobiyo where we share precious and unforgettable moments with each other!

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What are we doing?

  • We share the same values
  • We use the best of people's habits to solve other people's problems
  • We share photos , but we do it with purpose
  • We find an opportunity which you can participate too
  • We like to challenge the status Quo
  • We connect people with their favourite celebrities
  • We believe in you and together…
  • We will make a world a better place to live in


Who We Are

A bunch of folks with common cause:
- Baković Jovana
- Bošković Slobodan
- Bolić Vuk
- Stojanović Miloš


Why Choose Us

- We are unique by the way we help!
- Follow your favorite celebrities , share pics with your friends,and help!
- Choose your foundation and follow them every day!
- Have access to exclusive photos
- Be part of something big
- Be human , be sociall



Meet people who support us

Danko Lazović

Ivana Korab

Nenad Okanović

Bora Milutinović

Peđa Mijatović

Milan Smiljanić

Milica Mandić

Ivana Španović

Bojana Stamenov

Petar Strugar

Radomir Antić

Mateja Kežman

Since we have discovered that from time to time, good-hearted people like you want to help your chosen charities, our network can be a great chance for you to do that! Just slide pictures , download the ones you like and be helpful in few simple clicks.

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